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At Skipper Forsyth’s Bar-B-Q, we’ve been frying and serving homemade meals that really hit the spot for more than 60 years. Our restaurant in Henderson, NC, features the famous barbeque that have made our dishes a southern favorite.

From barbeque and slaw trays to pulled BBQ and fried chicken, everyone will find something to enjoy at Skipper Forsyth's Bar-B-Q. All of our plates are served with vegetables.

Read our reviews below from customers near and far, and see why we cook the best BBQ.

“Great North Carolina BBQ just off of 85 (near Northern Vance high school). I just took the recommendation of the waitress to get barbeque and stew, which was pork BBQ and a tomato based chicken stew. Everything's served with fantastic hush puppies, though my side vegetables were nothing to write home about. Friendly staff and family atmosphere makes you feel welcome.” Jon V. San Francisco, CA 2/17/2012

“Over the years, this place has the best barbecue, hush puppies and cole slaw anywhere. There BBQ chicken is also very good; but the highlight is the pork BBQ. I've tried BBQ all over the state, plus out of the state, and my family and I always compare to ‘the gold standard....Skippers’ and find that everyone else comes up short.” Jim N. Durham, NC 8/8/2009

“This is an authentic BBQ place near 85, definitely packed with locals (always a good sign), and at the same time very rustic. Don't bring her here for your first date unless you want to impress her with some good home cooked food. (Luckily enough my wife is that kind of girl) Delicious baked beans plus a choice of several other sides; Corn pudding was also a great pick. Menu includes fried chicken or different BBQ options. I opted for the chopped BBQ with homemade BBQ sauce. You can pick the size. I decided for a medium (mainly because my wife, as I said, was there with me; for the big portion I'll have to wait to be there again alone). It was definitely enough. Bottom line, 4 stars: we had a great NC BBQ experience for little less than $20.” Valerio M. Baltimore, MD 1/8/2012

Call us today to learn more or to place a take-out order. Be sure to ask about our daily specials.

Skipper Forsyth's Bar-B-Q
2362 N Garnett St
Henderson, NC 27537

Phone: (252) 438-5228

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Skipper Forsyth's Bar-B-Q in Henderson, NC has been frying and serving homemade meals that really hit the spot for more than 60 years.Skipper Forsyth's Bar-B-QBarbecue and chicken